7 out of 10 customers are influenced by social media

ThumbStopper posts amazing content from the brands you sell directly to your store's social page... because you have a bike shop to run.


Let's face it, creating quality digital content for social media is expensive, time consuming, and difficult to manage. Take advantage of the awesome content the brands you sell are spending millions of dollars creating. A one-time connection to ThumbStopper delivers a steady flow of digital content directly to your store's Facebook page.


We understand how busy you are running a bike shop. Let ThumbStopper do all the work and leverage your favorite bicycle brands' resources to flood your shop's Facebook feed with high quality content, HANDS FREE!
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Tailor your pricing to meet your needs and marketing budget. Pricing is based upon the number of brands that you would choose to receive content from, that's it. Plans start as low as $19/month.
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Studies show 70% of your customers will land on your business Facebook page before walking into your store! You get just one chance to make a first impression. Shops using ThumbStopper are seeing 50% increases in store traffic and up to 10X customer growth.
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What is ThumbStopper?

ThumbStopper is the connection between your store’s Facebook page and the great digital content the brands you sell create.

How does ThumbStopper drive more traffic?

ThumbStopper's ROI is achieved in the first month! Participating bike shops see social media engagement increases of up to 45%, increases in store traffic of up to 50%, and in some cases 10 times customer growth!

How do I get started with ThumbStopper?

Simple, follow these steps…
1. Select the brands you would like to receive content from in the form above.
2. Fill out the form with your bike shop information.
3. Our helpful team at ThumbStopper will reach out to you within 1 business day to connect your bike shop's Facebook page.

Do I need to learn a new piece of software?

NO! ThumbStopper is 100% hands-free. Our software does the automation for you. All you have to do is pick the brands you would like content from, connect your Facebook page, and ThumbStopper does the rest.

How does ThumbStopper’s pricing work?

You determine what you pay! Your pricing is driven by the number of brands you want to connect to. Pricing starts at just $19/month and the value grows as you add connections to additional brands.

Can I add content from more brands?

Of course! You can add new brands or swap out the brands you’d like to receive content from by contacting If we don’t carry a brand you’d like to see, please let us know and we can get to work on building that brand.

Where does the content come from and how often are you posting?

ThumbStopper goes directly to the source for content! Digital content is curated from the marketing departments of the brands you sell. By default, your content will be posted twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but you can change this at any time by contacting ThumbStopper.

What type of content is posted?

Only the highest performing content makes the cut. This content includes images, videos and user generated assets all focused around showing off the products and lifestyle your customers embrace.

What if I want to edit a post?

The great thing about ThumbStopper is you don't have to edit anything. All of the curated brand content ensures that nothing risky or unsafe will make it out into your feed. With that said, if you have more to say about a particular topic, since this is a post to YOUR Facebook page, you can edit posts or delete them once they're posted.

Can I still post to my Facebook page?

You bet! ThumbStopper is a complement to your individual efforts, providing a consistent flow of content from the brands you sell.

How is this different than me re-sharing a brand's Facebook post?

Great question! ThumbStopper is the only platform that takes brand curated content and posts natively to your page; completely hands-free and just like you posted it yourself. Facebook treats native posts favorably, so our posting sees 2x more organic engagement on average. By posting natively, every share and engagement of YOUR post is additional marketing for YOUR store, not just the brand.

Can ThumbStopper help me with advertising on social media?

 Absolutely! ThumbStopper helps thousands of retailers create, deploy, and manage social media advertising campaigns that get results.
Please click here to connect with a member of our social media advertising team to discuss your options.


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